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In 2013, I started my small business under the name Sarah Dyce Paintings. At the time I was a nursing student and had experienced life-long anxiety that left me unable to pursue the degree I had been planning for. Artwork was a way for me to escape and relax and helped me to cope with the physical and mental symptoms of anxiety. 

I joined Etsy in 2015 and my business took over from there! I later changed my business name to Kindness Calling to reflect what I strive to spread into the world: kindness.

Since then, thousands of pieces of my artwork have found new homes across the world. From car accessories to local Sleeping Giant paintings, it still amazes me how many pieces made with my two hands are out there. I am now a proud accountant at a veterinary clinic and throughout multiple degrees, jobs, and struggles with my mental health, my artwork and business have always brought me joy. Every single sale is special and important to me. I hope to continue to use this platform to spread kindness, positivity, and brightness through my artwork.

Thank you for supporting my small Canadian business!

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