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Coral Rainbow Rearview Mirror Charm

Coral Rainbow Rearview Mirror Charm

Bring some cuteness and good vibes to your vehicle with this boho rainbow car charm! Featuring a handpainted rainbow on both sides, cute tassel, and matching charms, this piece is sure to bring some brightness to your space. Use the attached elastic to easily hang it over your rearview mirror as a cute auto accessory or car mirror charm, or hang in a small space like a locker, cubicle, or office!


    Size: Approximately 8½" in length including elastic to hang, 5½" without.

    Please note that colours may differ from those shown due to differences in lighting and screen settings. Colours may fade in direct sunlight.


    Only hang in your vehicle if allowed by law and your local or regional law enforcement. Use discretion and only hang in a rear view mirror where it will not pose a distraction or obstruct vision. Keep out of reach of small children. Kindness Calling and/or its owner assumes no liability, including but not limited to any fines, punishments, and/or accidents as a result of using this item.

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