Kindness Calling started in 2014 under the name Sarah Dyce Paintings. My interest in art and painting first began as a way for me to wind down and reduce anxiety. I have struggled with anxiety and PTSD my entire life, but this came to a dramatic head in 2014 when I started my first year of university as a nursing student.
I used painting as an escape, and distinctly remember returning home from tearful, anxiety-inducing meetings with counselors only to dive straight into art.

It’s been 8 years since the start and a lot has happened since then! Nearly 8 years later, I have a bachelors and a masters degree in business, have improved my mental health, and am living my life the way I best know how - by doing what I love! In 2015 I joined Etsy, and in 2017 changed my business name to Kindness Calling. I haven’t looked back since and to date, over 5,000 pieces of my artwork have travelled the world. From within Thunder Bay to all the way to countries like the US, Australia, Qatar, and Russia, each and every sale brings a smile to my face.

I pride myself in creating inspirational, motivational, and colourful art, and much of it is inspired by the beautiful Northern landscape I grew up in. The style of my art and my business name intends to spread joy - and kindness - into the world.

My business name is a testament to how I try to live in my daily life; to be kind to myself, to the planet, and most of all to others. A portion of my yearly profits goes towards local and global charities and initiatives. Past donations have been made to Operation
Christmas Child, I Love First Peoples, regional animal rescues, and local families in need.

Thank you for visiting my shop and supporting my small business!